7 January 2013

By Charles Kumolu &  Gbenga Oke

This is the concluding part of the Debe Ojukwu interview.

What do you think could have been responsible for this alleged forgery?
Greed is the driving force behind it, because there are attempts to negotiate my patrimony.
I did not bribe God to make me my father’s first son.
If someone emerges from that door and says he is my father’s son and DNA confirms it; and if the person says he was born on August 2 1956, I will remove my cap and bow for that person because I was born on August 3 1956. And I will not argue with the person because first son comes from God and in Igbo land the first son own the father’s Obi.
He holds the Obi in trust for everybody and it is not his private property.
First son is not by appointment or political appointment.
So, now I consider myself to be in an acting capacity for my late father.

*Ojukwu *Ojukwu

Though you don’t reckon with the document as a Will, can you tell us what you think could have been responsible for the overwhelming allocation of properties to Bianca?
It could be because the allotter did the allocation. (prolonged laughter).
That is the reason because the person who got the biggest share did the allocation.
I am doing my work and every body is envious of what I am doing, saying that I am the richest. But Emeka and his siblings did not even get anything from the document.

I understand that there is a property in Onitsha which was given to Emeka?
(Cuts in)  That is mama’s house.
That is my grandmother’s house. It could not have been given to Emeka, because it is not my father’s property, but my grandmother’s property and my father and his siblings are supposed to share it.

 Did you at any time in your father’s lifetime envisage, that his Will would generate the kind of controversies it is currently generating, because people are beginning to say that they were not surprised about the development, because they felt that controversies lived with Emeka Ojukwu in his lifetime?

No, my father was not controversial….

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